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Cryptocurrency Consultancy Services


Increased volatility has been observed recently in the cryptocurrency market. There may be negative sentiments toward the cryptocurrency market due to decline in the cryptocurrency prices and this may have lead to traders losing sleep.

This may be due ambiguities on how, where and why to buy cryptocurrencies among investors. Therefore, aims to simplify everything in connection with cryptocurrencies for the investors and further provide detailed fundamental and technical analysis on each prospective cryptocurrency thereby allowing investors clear, simple and accurate insights behind the purpose to invest in any particular cryptocurrency.

Given below are some factors that must be considered while investing/purchasing a cryptocurrency:

  • Fundamentals
  • Technology
  • Security
  • Supporting Community
  • Applications and utility
  • Market Capitalisation and Trade Volume
  • Retailer Acceptance
  • Liquidity
  • Transaction Verification Method
  • And many others…

An ideal investing strategy is to invest in fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies so that investor’s hard earned money earns money on its own over the medium to long-term period, without continuous effort from the investor.

However, short-term trading is completely different. Here the trader does not consider the fundamentals but very diligently focuses only on the upward and downward price movements so that the trader can cash in on those short-term trades.

The difference in the two above mentioned approach is that traders tend to neglect fundamentals, therefore they cannot afford to keep their eyes away from the price movements. Unlike the investors, traders money do not automatically earn money but it is the trader who is earning money. team does not believe in the approach considered by the trader, but their cryptocurrency consultancy services are formulated for efficient medium to long-term investments in cryptocurrencies. This approach only considers cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals.

Once the research team considers a cryptocurrency fundamentally strong, only then the technical analysis team finds and recommends an optimum entry point and advises the investors to hold those cryptocurrencies at least for a medium-term period (with the Stop Loss range clearly defined).

Although there are more than 1,000 different types of cryptocurrencies, investing in the right cryptocurrency based on its fundamentals and at the right time is the key data provided results in achieving a strong, diversified and growth-oriented portfolio.

With this approach, is able to focus on fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies and this has resulted in investors achieving very good returns over the medium to long-term period.

This approach ignores the noise around the market but only focuses on the sound fundamentals and optimum trade entry and exit points. Thus, generating very good returns for the investors by providing credible information and a firm understanding of the intrinsic value of fundamentally strong cryptocurrency.

Since, only those who understand the market will succeed in the market, therefore with a team comprising of Techies, Engineers, Analysts, Entrepreneurs and Investment Banking professionals closely involved in the financial technology field, is able to understand the cryptocurrency market clearly and is able to take a well-informed decision on the position investors should consider in the cryptocurrency market. believes that by taking the right, reasonable and logical decisions, investors in the cryptocurrency market can multiply their wealth immensely.