Analysis: KyberNetwork


Trustless. Instant. Liquid. Compatible.

1. What is it?

KyberNetwork is a new system which allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets.
They provide rich payment APIs and a new contract wallet that allow anyone to seamlessly receive payments from any token.
Users can also mitigate the risks of price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency world with our derivative trading.


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2. FIT Test (F: Future updates; I: Innovation; T: Trends): FIT Test enables us to check the uniqueness, alignment with respect to the current trends and future update of the fundamentals of the corresponding cryptocurrency.

A) Innovations:

i) Trustless and Secure: KyberNetwork does not hold tokens owned by the users, all the transactions are executed via smart contracts, making KyberNetwork a trustless and hence, a secure exchange.

ii) Instant Trading: Exchange or convert requests are immediately executed. There’s no waiting time or confirmation time for a transaction. When a user deposits token ‘A’ to perform an exchange to receive token ‘B’, he receives token ‘B’ immediately. This is a great feature as it protects users against market volatility.

iii) On-Chain Exchange: This exchange runs on-chain, which means, it supports normal user accounts as well as smart contracts. This enables smart contracts to communicate with the exchange directly, without any third parties, to fulfill their transactions.

iv) Liquidity: Reserve Contributors provide liquidity which enables the exchange to perform instant trading.

B) Trends: Trustless Exchange, Instant Trading.

C) Future updates: 

i) KyberNetwork has announced 3 major partnership is last 2 weeks -Gifto, powered by Uplive, an innovative gifting protocol that allows content consumers to interact with and reward content creators directly; Aditus, a luxury access platform that bridges luxury merchants and crypto-affluents using blockchain and a research collaboration with Blockchain at Berkeley, a world-class academic institution to enhance the exchange implementation and business model.

ii) First Mainnet launch is expected during Q1, 2018. This will support trading between ETH and other tokens. Followed by this, Q2,2018 will observe arbitrary pair trading over the exchange.

iii) KyberNetwork during Q3, 2018 is expected to support trading of advanced financial instruments over the exchange.

iv) They also expect to perform cross-chain trading in early 2019.


3. Community:

Total funding raised: USD $60 million

B. Team: 

  1. Loi Luu, CEO & CoFounder
  2. Yaron Velner, CTO & CoFounder
  3. Victor Tran, Lead Engineer & CoFounder
  4. Joseph Lee, Lead Trading Platform
  5. Spyros Vrettos, Trading Analyst / Developer
  6. Lee Tsun Ngai, Head Of Business Development
  7. Phuong Vu, Designer
  8. Andrew Nguyen, Developer
  9. Gia Nguyen, Designer / Developer
  10. Tuan Nguyen, Developer
  11. Huy Tran, Developer
  12. Duc Tran, Developer
  13. Ilan Doron, Developer

C. Advisors:

  1. Wong Lee Hong
  2. Leng Hoe Lon
  3. Chionh Chye Kit
  4. Kenneth Oh
  5. Vitalik Buterin*
  6. Prateek Saxena
  7. Pandia Jiang

4. Unique Features:

  • Liquidity
  • Instant Trading
  • Advanced financial instruments to hedge market risks

5. Downside / Risks:

  • The team could have had a few dedicated marketing professionals.

6: Future: We already have several exchanges but KyberNetwork stands out. Instant trading and hedging market risks are the game changers in this volatile cryptocurrency market.

7: Technical Analysis: 

The prices have dipped after a quick surge. This is a perfect entry point for the investors who have a long-term return goal in their strategy. KyberNetwork’s business model is unique, they have a strong team to back their vision. There’s a good panel of advisors as well. Vitalik, the ethereum elite, sits on the panel. All in all, this is a must-have in a long-term portfolio.

  • Market Cap: $199,997,216 
  • Price: $1.49
  • OTE: 0.00008397-0.00008773 BTC
  • Volume(24h): $19,499,500
  • Circulating Supply:134,132,697/215,625,349

8: Comments:

KyberNetwork’s ICO was a successful one, More than 21,000 people have contributed to it. They show potential and ability to fulfill the claims they make in terms of milestones they have planned. In spite of the presence of many exchanges in the market, KyberNetwork would fare well because of factors like instant trading, liquidity and risk hedging. The venture looks profitable over a long run.


Applications of the Blockchain Technology


What is the blockchain technology?


The blockchain technology is defined as a public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions that have ever been executed. It is constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks are added to it with a new set of recordings. The blocks are added to the blockchain in a linear, chronological order.

blockchain technology

Thus as per the above diagram, since there is no centralized administrator with exclusive control over the database, and since the control over the database is distributed to every client, therefore the blockchain technology is democratic in nature. 


What are the applications of the blockchain technology and what are the services provided by


Business Services


Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) (also known as a fully automated business entity (FAB), or distributed autonomous corporation/company (DAC)) can be considered as a self-governing organization under the control of an incorruptible set of business rules. These rules are typically implemented as publicly auditable open-source software distributed across the computers of their stakeholders. A human becomes a stakeholder by buying digital tokens, similar to shares in a company, or by being paid in those tokens to provide services for the company. These tokens may entitle its owner to a share of the profits of the DAO, participation in its growth, and/or a say in how it is run.


Financial Services


  • Asset Management: Trade Processing and Settlement

  • Payments: Cross-Border Payments


Cryptocurrency Consultancy / Information Services


For more details on the blockchain technology services offered by, kindly fill the Contact Us form or email to


Analysis: BitConnect Coin (BCC)

Analysis: BitConnect Coin (BCC)

The hedge fund of the cryptocurrency world?!

1. What is BCC?

BitConnect Coin is an open-source, peer-to-peer, community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allows people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency, and even earn a substantial interest on the investment. This means anyone holding BitConnect Coin in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain the security of the network.


2. FIT Test (F: Future updates; I: Innovation; T: Trends):

FIT Test enables us to check the uniqueness, alignment with respect to the current trends and future update of the fundamentals of the corresponding cryptocurrency.

A. Innovation:

BitConnect community leverage on retail investors’ investment in BCC and through their so-called “cryptocurrency bots” invest in other cryptocurrencies or maybe other investment instruments in order to generate a daily interest for their retail investors.

Also refer to the following link for more information on what BCC is offering:

B. Trends:

BCC seems to be a hedge fund of the cryptocurrency world.

C. Future Updates:

Roadmap for the future of BitConnect Coin’s is not clearly presented by their community.

3. Community:

Community details not published anywhere by Bitconnect. Strange!

4. Uniques Features:

Not available; except for their referral scheme that makes BCC seems like a Ponzi scheme.

5. Downside / Risks:

Risks are extremely high since there seems to be no sustainable business model that backs BCC.

6. Future:

No information on BCC available based on which we can gauge a future.

7. Technical Analysis: team does not want to present a technical analysis for this altcoin since it does not seem to be a fundamentally strong cryptocurrency and therefore not worthwhile recommending.


No fundamentals, no business, no assurance except for the words written on BCC’s website. We fear that when time runs out, investments may be as good as burnt.

Our advice to investors investing in BCC: BE CAREFUL!

Analysis: OmiseGO


Unbank the Banked with Ethereum.

1. What is it?

OmiseGO is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets, that enables real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services agnostically across jurisdictions and organizational silos, and across both fiat money and decentralized currencies. Designed to enable financial inclusion and disrupt existing institutions, access will be made available to everyone via the OmiseGO network and digital wallet framework, starting in Q4 2017. (Source:

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2. FIT Test (F: Future updates; I: Innovation; T: Trends): FIT Test enables us to check the uniqueness, alignment with respect to the current trends and future update of the fundamentals of the corresponding cryptocurrency.

A) Innovations:  OmiseGO uses their own blockchain which is based on Ethereum to provide remittance services to the people without the involvement of any bank. These services operate across currencies and asset types. The OmiseGO blockchain has a decentralized exchange, liquidity provider mechanism, clearinghouse messaging network, and asset-backed blockchain gateway. The OmiseGO blockchain network is highly performant and scalable. The cost of securing the transaction value is externalized to other chains in a way which directly promotes the value of those chains.

B) Trends: Payments, Remittances, Digital decentralized banking

C) Future updates: 

i) OmiseGO recently announced that every Ethereum holder holding a minimum amount of 0.1ETH will receive an amount of OmiseGO tokens which are proportionate to their Ethereum holdings. 5% of the total OmiseGo tokens are set aside for this generous distribution move.

ii) OmiseGO has acquired Paysbuy, a major payment service provider in Thailand. OmiseGO’s CEO Jun reveals that McDonald’s in Thailand, with their presence in over 240 locations will start accepting OmiseGO as a method of payment. He is confident that this can be implemented by Mcdonald’s across Asia.



OmiseGO logo

3. Community:

Forbes featured OmiseGO as a Fintech rockstar. OmiseGO has a great community around them contributing directly or indirectly.

A. Investors:

  1. SBI Investments
  2. SMBC
  3. Ascend Capital
  4. SMDV
  5. Golden Gate Ventures
  6. East Ventures
  7. 500 Startups

Total funding raised: USD $150 million+

B. Team: 

  1. Jun Hasegawa: Founder/CEO at Omise, Director at Alpha-do INC., Co-founder/CEO at LIFEmee INC.
  2. Donnie Harinsut: COO/Co-founder at Omise, International Trading manager at Alpha-do INC.
  3. Wendall Davis: Product development lead at Omise, member of Original Ethereum founding team
  4. Thomas Greco: Special advisor at Omise.
  5. Vansa Chatikavanij: Managing Director at Omise.

C. Advisors:

  1. Joseph Poon: Lightening network co-author.
  2. Vitalik Buterin: Founder of Ethereum.
  3. Dr. Gavin Wood: Co-founder of Ethereum, founder of Parity and Polkadot.
  4. Jae Kwon: Creator of Tendermind and Cosmos network.
  5. Vlad Zamfir: Kasper(Ethereum) Research lead.
  6. Martin Becze: Ethereum web assembly creator
  7. Julian Zawistowski: Founder of Golem
  8. Prof. David Lee Kuo Chuen: Professor of Quantitative Finance, Singapore University of Social Sciences
  9. Pandia Jiang: Founder of LinkTime
  10. Roger Ver: CEO of, First Major Backer of Earliest Crypto Startups


4. Unique Features:

  • NEO applications can be developed using all major programming.
  • Tie ups with influential people in China.
  • A collaboration of digital asset management with real world asset.

5. Downside / Risks:

  • Replicable
  • Not available on Poloniex. Use Bittrex. (Not a downside for most of the people since they have already moved their assets to Bittrex recently.)

6: Future: Considering the community and innovations, it may be seen as a good competitor against Ethereum for the 2nd place in Total Market cap after Bitcoin in China.

7: Technical Analysis: 


Analysis OMG Coinigy


The prices have dipped to a point where buying OmiseGO would seem a good choice for OmiseGO believers. This is a perfect entry point for those investors who have a long term return goal in their strategy. The community behind this is pretty solid which promotes this token’s potential to grow across Asia.

  • Market Cap: $633,129,435
  • Price: $6.44
  • OTE: 0.00141725-0.00150593 BTC
  • Volume(24h): $106,064,000
  • Circulating Supply: 98,312,024

8: Comments:

Omise aims to capture the remittance market in Asia via its decentralized banking applications and so far it has done everything right to grow. One could say it is an undervalued token. The people backing this project are influential in the cryptocurrency world. This is one of the strongest selling points for OmiseGo. Long term investors can use this token for their portfolio diversification and observe growth in the future.


Cryptocurrency in India

Income Tax nuances of Cryptocurrency in India

When did cryptocurrencies become popular in India?


Cryptocurrency in India became more popular post demonetization in November 2016.

India in the past was known to consider the conservative approach whenever something different is introduced. However, since the past decade, acceptance of newer technology has been swift. Maybe rise in literacy and demographics of the country (approximately 75% of the population below the age of 30 years) is responsible for such greater level of acceptance.

Same is the case of cryptocurrency in India.

Post demonetization, leading cryptocurrency trading exchanges in India have witnessed a very significant rise in the Indian user base, which is still growing considerably even today.

However, many Indian investors, traders and speculators alike will have the following question in their head.

“How can I treat the returns/income on the sale of cryptocurrency in India for Income Tax purpose?”

Investors with asked this question often since they have generated extremely good returns on their investments in fundamentally sound cryptocurrencies over the medium term period.

Since the Central Board of Direct Taxes has not issued very specific guidelines yet, therefore this question had to be answered appropriately by digging deep as although cryptocurrencies in India are NOT ILLEGAL, they are not yet regulated.

Therefore, in the present situation, cryptocurrency in India could be treated as capital assets with the sale resulting in a capital gain, as in the US. If the individual/entity is in the business of trading in cryptocurrencies,  in such cases the income can be treated as business income. In addition, we have witnessed cases where individuals have preferred to treat the income from cryptocurrencies as ‘income from other sources’, in such cases relevant Income Tax slab rate applies.

Cryptocurrency investors should note that if their asset holding period is more than 36 months (as in the case of any property), then the investor is liable to pay Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) which attract a tax rate of 20%. If the asset holding period is less than 36 months, then the investor will have to pay Short Term Capital Gains (STCG).

Now, if the transactions in cryptocurrency are substantial and frequent, then it could be assumed the individual is trading in cryptocurrencies and the income on sale will be considered business income, hence the applicable income tax slab rate will be deducted.

This brings us to another equally important question.

When will there be clarity on cryptocurrency in India?

On 08.08.2017, the government of India has reportedly completed work on a proposal that outlines steps to regularize cryptocurrency in India and it seems a tax policy will be established for cryptocurrencies in order to reduce this ambiguity.

NEO Coinigy

Neo Gas

How is Neo Gas generated?

Recently our subscribers have expressed their interest to learn more about Neo Gas generated from Neo cryptocurrency and we will now attempt to explain this in the most effective manner.

Before that here is a brief background on Neo. Neo (formerly known as Antshares) is China’s first ever original and open source public chain project, NEO serves as a smart asset platform. Smart assets are the combination of a smart contract of blockchain and digital assets.

Considering the reluctance of China to accept the dominance of foreign companies (eg Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber etc), we consider the same trend to repeat when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We expect China to put considerable weight behind the promotion of Neo in order keep foreign cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc on the back foot at least in their own backyard.

Now, considering the population of China and those many Chinese citizens accepting their own China based cryptocurrency – Neo, based on this reasoning and consideration, we see growing demand and rise in the value of Neo over the medium term period.

Coming back to our main subject – Neo Gas, it is similar to dividend credit to a shareholder of a company, Gas is credited to the wallet of Neo investors and the amount of Gas generated is based on a fixed formulae.

Neo Gas generated can be calculated on

Neo investors can sell their Gas on an exchange or preferably hold it as an investment, as rising demand for Neo along with a finite quantity of Gas available may result in the value of Neo Gas to increase.

It must be noted that Gas will be generated only if Neo is stored on a private wallet and not on exchanges.

In case readers require any specific information on this topic, kindly feel free to post your comments and get in touch with us.

Analysis: NEO


A distributed network of intelligent economy

1. What is it?

China’s first ever original and open source public chain project, NEO serves as a smart asset platform. Smart assets are the combination of smart contract of blockchain and digital assets.

NEO allows for a smarter way for assets registration, issuance, and circulation. Digital assets exist in the form of electronic data and with blockchain technology, digital assets become decentralized, trustless, traceable and highly transparent. NEO’s underlying technology supports multiple types of digital assets and uses a digital certificate to enable trust for public chain, namely the assets issued by users via digital certificate are protected by law. On the other hand, for more complicated scenarios, users can use smart contract to enhance and enrich the functions of assets. Besides, users can also create smart contracts with other functions unrelated to assets. Smart contract, a concept that was first initiated by Nick Sazbo in 1994, has a history as long as that of the Internet. According to Nick Szabo, Smart contract can execute contract clauses when the preprogramed conditions are met. It is blockchain technology, due to its decentralization, immutability and highly reliable system that provides the very environment for smart contract to embody its value. (Source:

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2. FIT Test (F: Future updates; I: Innovation; T: Trends): FIT Test enables us to check the uniqueness, alignment with respect to the current trends and future update of the fundamentals of the corresponding cryptocurrency.

A) Innovations: One big contrast of these competing platforms is their programming languages. Ethereum requires developers to learn to program with Solidity. Neo, on the other hand, will support almost all programming languages via a compiler, including those on, Java, Kotlin, Go and Python, greatly lowering the difficulty for developers to write smart contracts.

B) Trends: Digital Asset Management, Management of real world assets.

C) Future updates: 

i) Innospace CEO announced $29.3M USD incubation fund, a collaboration between his company and the NEO blockchain team. Plans for the fund include the establishment of a new blockchain space in Shanghai, combining working spaces, startup incubation and acceleration.

ii) Partnered with Agrello to develop smart contracts for automation, self execution, accuracy and transparency. Powered by AI, Agrello will be a platform for nonW programmers to create their own legally binding blockchain based smart contracts. Use cases for Agrello’s tech include renting and sharing, freelance contracting, orchestrating production flows, and reducing administration costs for multinational corporations.

iii) With offices in Israel and Shanghai, Coindash will be a social trading platform for crypto assets, offering portfolio management tools for digital asset investors. Features of the platform will include portfolio statistics and management tools, investment automation, an ICO dashboard, and insights into other traders’ successful investing strategies. In the upcoming development of Nest Fund, a blockchain based smart fund by the developers of NEO, Coindash will offer advisory and prediction tools for Nest’s modern investors.

iv) The former CTO of OkCoin, Mr. Zhao Chang Peng is starting his own digital asset exchange, hoping to compete with platforms like Poloniex. Calling his new platform Binance, this new exchange will only deal in coin to coin transactions, avoiding fiat pairs and therefore avoiding Chinese regulations. In order to maintain a standard in mature digital assets, Binance will only list coins that meet its strict criteria. With a launch planned for later this year, the platform’s first traded assets will be bitcoin, ether and NEO.

NEO Coinigy
3. Community:

At a gathering of 200 people at Microsoft HQ, Beijing declared a complete rebranding of the company. ANS became NEO. Following people took the dais as speakers:

  1. Da Hongfei, founder of NEO.
  2. Erik Zhang, Core Developer of NEO.
  3. Tony Tao, CEO of NEO and Founder of Nest Fund (Investment Fund).
  4. Srikanth Raju, Microsoft’s G.M of Developer Experience and Evangelism for the Greater China Region.
  5. Mr. Han Feng, Tsinghua University IWCenter.
  6. Chen Cheng Qiang, founder and CEO of Innospace.
  7. Alex Norta, founder of Agrello.
  8. Adam Efrima, COO of Coindash.
  9. Zhao Chang Peng, CEO of Binance.

4. Unique Features:

  • NEO applications can be developed using all major programming.
  • Tie ups with influential people in China.
  • A collaboration of digital asset management with real world asset.

5. Downside / Risks:

  • Replicable
  • Not available on Poloniex. Use Bittrex. (Not a downside for most of the people since they have already moved their assets to Bittrex recently.)

6: Future: Considering the community and innovations, it may be seen as a good competitor against Ethereum for the 2nd place in Total Market cap after Bitcoin in China.

7: Technical Analysis: 

NEO analysis Coinigy

Since the past few days, we have observed a significant price hike in NEO. Prices have soared from USD $7 to USD$10. The floor seems to have risen. Investors with a long term market strategy can still get in when the price corrects itself by about 60% and hits the blue region which is the Optimal Trade Entry (OTE) region. The strong community support in China makes NEO’s potential growth more prominent in the future.

  • Market Cap: $546,390,000
  • Price: $10.93
  • OTE: 0.00322591-0.00331973 BTC
  • Volume(24h): $46,520,400
  • Circulating Supply: 50,000,000

8: Comments:

NEO rebranding led to increased prices. USD $10 seems to be the new floor for NEO. Early investors, who had invested in AntShares weeks ago when we had rolled out our analysis, have started realizing portfolio growth at the moment. Investors who want to start today by investing in NEO will have to buy and hold for quite some time to see growth in their portfolio.

Stay tuned for our next article which will emphasize on NEO’s GAS.


Bitcoin Hard Fork, creation of Bitcoin Cash and its impact on Bitcoin.

What impact will the Bitcoin Hard Fork and creation of Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency have on Bitcoin?

  • For the last several years, the Bitcoin infrastructure has been struggling to handle a growing number of transactions hence technical experts recommended a new cryptocurrency creation that will solve its back-logging issues.
  • Since then Bitcoin miners and developers opinions were split over their vision on Bitcoin’s technical roadmap for the future.
  • These differing opinion within the community had been a prominent cause of the recent Bitcoin price fluctuations.
  • Eventually, on 01.08.2017, a Hard Fork created a split in Bitcoin resulting in the creation of a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • Although BCH will be based on blockchain technology, however, BCH is technically superior to its predecessor Bitcoin since it offers eight fold increase in transaction capacity and will combat high transaction fees that made mining larger blocks invalid.
  • Creation of BCH from Bitcoin through Hard Fork implies that Bitcoin owner will now own equal quantity of BCH as well (please note a similar event occurred last year as well on the Ethereum platform when a cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic was created).
  • Therefore, this Hard Fork also generated millions of dollars in new value for Bitcoin investors and at the time of writing, BCH is valued at USD 430.78 and Bitcoin is valued at USD 2737.50.

Weekly Technical Analysis (31.07.2017)’s Weekly Technical Analysis gives investors important insights on fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and AntShares(NEO).  It’s a quick read for investors at the start of the week which presents necessary statistics which could prove vital for considering investment position and making decisions during the week.

1.Bitcoin:BTC Coiningy 31.07.2017

1st August is approaching and we have witnessed BIP 91 Lock-in. The prices soared beyond USD $2800. This was followed by a correction of about 50%. Bitcoin is now trending in the range of USD $2700. Following are the statistical conclusions drawn from this week’s technical analysis:
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  • Risk/Reward Ratio: 0.23 (Ideal ratio tends to 2)
  • Optimal Trade Entry(OTE): USD $2555-$2670
  • Market Cap: USD $45,317,854,582
  • Circulating Supply: 16,479,100
  • Volume(24h): USD $705,815,000

2. Ethereum:ETH Coinigy 31.07.2017


Ethereum fell from 0.8064551 BTC to 0.06839837. However, in the last few hours, the price has soared a bit. Risk/reward ratio has improved yet far from a desirable ratio as compared to last week’s ratio. Ethereum ranges at around 0.0707 BTC and red candle sticks indicate a fall which could result in a correction that has already crossed 50% mark to rise up to 60%.

Following are the statistical conclusions drawn from this week’s technical analysis:

  • Risk/Reward Ratio: 1.13 (Ideal ratio tends to 2)
  • Optimal Trade Entry(OTE): 0.07011476-0.06953873 BTC
  • Market Cap: USD $18,450,340,515
  • Circulating Supply: 93,675,096
  • Volume(24h): USD $601,013,000

3. Litecoin:

LTC Coinigy 31.07.3017

Litecoin fell since last week. After a short rise, we see a correction beyond 75%. If seller resistance sustains, this is a very good time to buy. One could anticipate the prices to go further down before the next rise. We are still observing a lot of potential in Litecoin which makes it a good coin to invest in.

Following are the statistical conclusions drawn from this week’s technical analysis:

  • Risk/Reward Ratio: 3.24 (Ideal ratio tends to 2)
  • Optimal Trade Entry(OTE): 0.0145804-0.0146539 BTC
  • Market Cap: USD $2,112,147,194
  • Circulating Supply: 52,243,757
  • Volume(24h): USD $75,520,500

4. Ripple:

XRP Coinigy 31.07.3017

Ripple has seen a low of 0.00005674 BTC after a high of 0.00006930 BTC. Risk/Reward ratio has improved a lot as compared to that of last week. In spite of such a dip, Ripple has managed to be the star performer of 2017 with the growth of almost 4000% this year. Q2 growth of 2017 is beyond 1000%. With strong fundamentals and growing community, invest and hold is our recommended position.

Following are the statistical conclusions drawn from this week’s technical analysis:

  • Risk/Reward Ratio: 1.16 (Ideal ratio tends to 2)
  • Optimal Trade Entry(OTE): 0.00005868-0.00005833 BTC
  • Market Cap: USD $6,330,824,924
  • Circulating Supply: 38,333,090,674
  • Volume(24h): USD $41,488,000

5. NEO/AntShares  (02.08.2017):

ANS Coinigy analysis

Antshares, now known as NEO has shown a straight spike earlier today. This was a good exit for short term gainers. We have mentioned the OTE for investors who would still want to put their money on this cryptocurrency.

Following are the statistical conclusions drawn from this week’s technical analysis:

  • Optimal Trade Entry(OTE): 0.00259614 -0.00257465 BTC
  • Market Cap: USD $386,283,000
  • Circulating Supply: 50,000,000
  • Volume(24h): USD $14,750,900

Information sources-

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Orthodox people seem to be averse to the cryptocurrency market but feel comfortable trading in the stock market since they are relatively unaware that both cryptocurrency market and stock markets are very similar in nature and functioning.

Yes, the cryptocurrency markets are presently volatile, however on the other hand they provide opportunities for very good returns if sound fundamentals and accurate intrinsic values are considered while making the investments.

Therefore believes that investment strategies in both cryptocurrency and stock markets will be similar provided there is a good understanding of the nature and business of the cryptocurrencies and hence they have been able to achieve good returns for the investors.

Some of these similarities between STOCK MARKET and CRYPTOCURRENCIES are listed below:

  • The value of both cryptocurrency and stocks are based on their business.
  • In both cases, the value is determined on supply and demand basis, that means it depends on how much people are willing to pay for a share.
  • Like stocks, cryptocurrencies can also be categorized into small cap (eg Voxels), mid cap (eg Ripple) and large cap (eg Ethereum and Bitcoins).
  • Similar to IPO’s in stock markets, cryptocurrencies offer a platform to technology companies/start-ups to raise capital through ICO.
  • Understanding company fundamental is important while investing in a stock, similarly understanding cryptocurrency fundamentals (such as technology, community etc) and their intrinsic value is very important to identify the multi-bagger cryptocurrencies of tomorrow.
  • A diversified investment is very important in the stock markets as well as in the cryptocurrency market to reduce risk and increase returns.
  • There are traders, speculators and medium / long term investors in stock markets, those are also present in the cryptocurrency market.
  • As understanding the company business is most important to invest in stock, similarly understanding cryptocurrency technology is the most important factor to multiply your returns by investing in them.

Eventually, only those who understand the market will succeed in the market.

With a team comprising of Techies, Engineers, Analysts, Entrepreneurs and Investment Banking professionals closely involved in the financial technology field, is able to understand the cryptocurrency market and is able to take a well-informed decision on the position investors should consider in the cryptocurrency market. believes that by taking the right, reasonable and logical decisions, investors in the cryptocurrency market can multiply their wealth immensely.